Project Process & Cooperation Model


Ministry of Education

  • Department of Teacher and Art Education
  • K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education


Taiwan Design Research Institute

Advisory Team

 Chun-Hsiung Wang
Department of Architecture, Shih Chien University

Chun-Hsiung Wang Dean & Associate Professor

 Chun-Chieh Fang

Chun-Chieh Fang Principal

 Johnny Chiu

Johnny Chiu Founder

 Wei-Lang Lee
National Taiwan University of Arts

Wei-Lang Lee Assistant Professor

 Grace Wang
Que Sera Sera Inc.

Grace Wang Principal

 Hsien-Wen Lu
Rhema interior design co., Ltd.

Hsien-Wen Lu General manager

Jun-Liang Chen
Freeimage Design

Jun-Liang Chen Establisher

 Chan Wing Kei, Leslie
Leslie Chan Design Co Ltd

Chan Wing Kei, Leslie Creative Director & Founder

 Tien Ling
Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Tien Ling Assistant Professor

 Ray S. C. Chu
Department of Architecture, Ming Chuan University

Ray S. C. Chu Associate Professor

 Jr-Gang Chi
Department of Architecture, Shih Chien University

Jr-Gang Chi Assistant Professor

  Emil Chao
Chinese Society of Interior Designers, CSID

Emil Chao Counseling Chairman

 Po-Hung Liu
Classic Landscape Design and Environmental Planning. Ltd

Po-Hung Liu Founder

 Ren Lai
JN architects

Ren Lai Lead Architect

 Shu-Chang Kung
Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Shu-Chang Kung Professor & Architect

Design Team

School Team

22 cases
  • Bureau of Education, Tainan City Government / Tainan Municipal West Central District Jinsyue Elementary School
  • Chiayi City Jhih Hang Elementary School
  • Chiayi County Min-Ho Junior High School
  • Chung Der Junior High School
  • Guang-Fu Junior High School
  • Hsinchu Chien Hua Junior High School
  • Hualien County Rueisuei Township Rueimei Elementary School
  • Huanan Experimental Elementary School, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County
  • Kaohsiung Compulsory Education Advisory Group
  • Kaohsiung Municipal HSIN CHUANG High School
  • Miaoli Sanwan Elementary School Daping Branch
  • National Kuan-Hsi Senior High School, Hsinchu
  • New Taipei Municipal Ziqiang Junior High School
  • Penghu County Peng Nan Junior High School
  • Pingtung County YenPu Junior High School
  • Special School Affiliated with N.T.T.U
  • Tainan Municipal Sinhua District Sinhua Elementary School
  • Tainan Zuojhen Junior High School
  • Taipei City Fanghe Experimental High School
  • Taoyuan Municipal Yang Ming Senior High School
  • Yilan County Wujie Junior High School
  • Yilan Tai-ton Junior High School of I-Lan County
20 cases
  • Chih Shang Junior High School
  • Chung Cheng Elementary School
  • Chung-Feng Elementary School
  • Guo-Hua Junior High School
  • Hsinchu Municipal Sunshine Elementary School
  • Hsinkang Junior High School
  • Hudong Elementary School
  • Kaohsiung GuangWu Primary School
  • Keelung City Zhong Shan Elementary School
  • Kuang Jen Catholic Hign School
  • Lan Tan Elementary School
  • National Changhua Special School
  • National Ilan Commercial Vocational High School
  • National Yuanlin Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School
  • New Taipei Municipal New Taipei Industrial Vocational High School
  • New Taipei Municipal Zhongping Junior High School
  • SihWei Elementary School
  • Siluo Junior High School
  • Taipei Municipal Fuxing High School
  • WUN-FU Elementary School
21 cases
  • Banqiao High School
  • Hsinchu Municipal Cheng De High School
  • HsinChu Municipal Pei-Ying Junior High School
  • Hsinchu Zhu Guang Junior High School
  • Kaohsiung Municipal Renwu Senior High School
  • Kindergarten of Fushan Elementary School
  • Kinmen County, Jinhu Elementary School
  • Municipal Guting Junior High School
  • Nanhe Elementary School
  • National Taitung Girls' Senior High School
  • Taichung Municipal Chung-Hsiao Elementary School
  • Taichung Municipal Hou-Zong Senior High School
  • Taichung Tong-Lin Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Ren-Ai Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Shi-Dong Elementary School
  • Taitung County Dawu Elementary school
  • Taiwu Elementary School
  • The Affiliated Hearing Impaired School of National University of Tainan
  • WanFang Senior High School
  • Zhanghu Junior and Elementary School of Ecology
  • Zhudong Junior High School
25 cases
  • Baoshan Junior High School
  • Bei Men Elementary School Hsinchu City
  • Chiyi City Chiapei Elementary School
  • Dazhi Elementary School
  • Fukong Primary School
  • Kaohsiung Municipal Shi-Liau Elementary School
  • Lantian Elementary School
  • National Keelung Girls' Senior High School
  • National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School
  • National Yi-Lan Special School
  • New Taipei Municipal Qinxian Junior High School
  • New Taipei Municipal Shenkeng Junior High School
  • New Taipei Municipal Xintai Junior High School
  • Sheng-Li Elementary School
  • Tai He Elementary School
  • Tainan Municipal Shan-Hua Junior High School
  • Tainan Municipal Shi-Gang Junior High School
  • Tainan Municipal SinSing Elementary School
  • Taipei Xishan Experimental Elementary School.
  • Taoyuan Muunicipal Pingzhen Preschool
  • The Experimental Primary School of the National Dong Hwa University
  • Wen-Zi Primary School
  • Xindian Elementary School
  • Yuon-An Elementary School
9 cases
  • Bei Gang Elementary School
  • FengLin Elementary School
  • MingLi Elementary School
  • National Chutung Senior High School
  • Pingtung DaTong Senior High School
  • Shalun Elementary School
  • ShanFeng Waldorf School
  • Tainan Municipal Houbi District Sindong Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Heping High School