Design Movement on Campus

A Social Movement of Aesthetic Renaissance

“Design Movement on Campus” is supervised by Ministry of Education and executed by Taiwan Design Research Institute, and aims to help Taiwan’s schools on all levels to cooperate with professional design teams for aesthetic transformation of campus environment. Through introduction of design thinking, “Design Movement on Campus” turns schools into places immersed in aesthetics to truly realize the idea that aesthetics education starts with life on campus.

In response to the launch of the 2019 new curriculum guidelines, future education emphasizes qualities of spontaneity, co-creativity, and communication and cooperation; moreover, with the opening up of campus, today’s schools have gradually become activity centers of community residents, and need diverse and user-friendly environment. This has led to the pressing need for aesthetic transformation of environment, so that old campus and learning sites can meet present temporal values and trends of education, paving way for the future.

  • Respond to Contemporary Trends and Needs
  • Campus transformation after the 921 earthquake
  • Environmental aesthetics education that should progress with the times
  • Flip the Thinking and Take Actions
  • Cooperation demonstration of new public aesthetics
  • Opportunity to flip education sites
  • Establish Participation and Matching Mechanism
  • Help schools to introduce design thinking
  • Explore opportunities for design professionals to participate in public affairs

How it works

Step 01Selection of Partner Schools

Schools that want to apply should complete and submit application and proposal, and TDRI will form jury for review and selection.

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Step 02Onsite Inspection

Onsite inspections are conducted on campuses of schools that have passed the preliminary selection to confirm target of transformation and subsidy.

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Step 03Selection of Design Teams

Design teams submit design proposals based on the announced targets of transformation of the schools, which will be reviewed and selection by a professional jury.

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Step 04Discussion and Revision of Design Proposals

The selected design team shall revise the design proposal based on the opinions of jury and advisors. A contract will be signed after the revision is verified by TDRI, the advisor, and the school.

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Step 05Campus Transformation

Construction shall be carried out according to the design drawings in the contract. When the construction is finished, TDRI will join the school for final inspection and acceptance.

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Step 06Promotion of Achievements

Transformation process of each school will be filmed and photographed, and the videos, articles, and pictures will be promoted through the Internet, press conference, or exhibition."

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