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Pingtung City DaTong Senior High School

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DaTong Senior High School originally proposed the needs to renovate the fountain, hallway, and art classroom, but after the field inspection, advisors found out that the school lacked comprehensive spatial planning, and cleaning tools and garbage cans were all placed in the hallway, crowding the learning space. The advisors recommended that the school changed its targets to indoor garbage and recycling station, and outdoor storage of cleaning tools. NDD Design Tainan took garbage cans and cleaning tools away from the classroom environment, and redesigned recycling classification based on their observation on the volume of garbage, corresponding with the life education of reduction of waste. As for the cleaning tools for outdoor cleaning areas, NDD Design Tainan designed a storage station more suitable for the outdoor environment, which have been set up at fixed spots according to the line of movement in outdoor cleaning areas. Through the renovation, DaTong Senior High School not only has cleaner hallways, it has also optimized the garbage removal and cleaning procedures. 

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