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A healthy mind in a healthy body.
—— Poet Juvenal

Taiwan's First On-Campus Health Center Built with Design Thinking 

At approximately 132.2 square meters, the health center provides service to over 2,300 teachers and students of the school. In addition to common minor injuries and emergencies, the center also conducts basic health examin for all students. There is a wide range of miscellaneous objects, and user bavior was not considered for the design of traffic flow, leading to ineffective functionalities of the space: no space for first-aid patients and lack of patient privacy. 

The design team visited the campus and interviewed and observed the nurses and volunteers. The team removed the old storage room to make space for portable beds and drew in sunlight to brighten up the space. A volunteer counter has also been established for teachers and students to get immediate help upon entering the health center; the team also provided teachers and students private spaces, re-constructing a modernized student health center that meets user needs and behaviors. 

Design analysis

  1. Organize and plan traffic flow based on user behavior and spatial functionality.

  2. Designate emergency first aid area, nursery room, and ensure privacy of spaces.

  3. Carry out spatial reorganization according to supplies, medical instruments and general equipment.

  4. Plan warehousing and stroage spaces for supplies and goods of pandemic response.

Redesign cases