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Miaoli County Fenglin Elementary School

Miaoli County | Hallway and Corridor

Fenglin Elementary School’s atrium is located at the center of the school, and unlike atriums of other schools, it is a semi-outdoor space frequently used by teachers and students; however, the old and broken atrium seemed outdated and dim, and its hard and cold floor tiles made it unfriendly as a venue of children activities; the bulletin board was falling apart and difficult to use. Moreover, the rear end of the atrium connected with the rear hallway of classrooms, and in addition to several happiness trees, there was also an unused old-fashioned slide, which were all in need of improvement. The design team, MakerBar, integrated the atrium and the rear hallway into one, and used soft and seamless surface for the floor, introducing greenery into the atrium; the atrium was extended to the rear hallway, forming a slope that softens the originally rigid space, and turns it into a game space for children. The atrium originally had bulletin boards on both sides, and MakerBar adopted subtractive design to unify the look, and the three-dimensional oval frames pull back whatever on display, creating a blocking effect when looked at from the side. The bulletin area became organized and aesthetic, which is also equipped with proper lighting to enhance the fun of reading and displaying.

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