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Renwu Senior High School, Kaohsiung City|Roadside Banquet Together

Kaohsiung City | Special resource room
Starting from traditional culture, let children cook together in the cooking classroom and hold banquets under the canopy.

With the Theme of Taiwanese Roadside Banquet, Incorporating Culture with Cooking Class

Fusing Taiwan's roadside banquet culture - "together, banquet" into the design theme, imagining how people get together as if banqueting under a large tent, cooking and enjoying food togehter. This is an extension of the Taiwanese culture, as well as the manifestation of teamwork. 

Defining User Traffic Flow and Mode of Storage through Design Thinking

Functional configuration of the cooking classroom is converted through design, creating new circular traffic flow; storage has been redefined to put various utensils and equipment in own places. Moreover, lamps are used to create a focal point in the cooking area, so that cooking becomes a performance. 

Design analysis

  1. Reorganize overall space and traffic flow, so teachers and students can enjoy safer and uninterrupted classes.

  2. Use Taiwan's traditional culture of roadside banquet as the design theme to clearly exhibit spatial functionalities.

  3. Defining storage mechanism and format to satisfy diverse needs.

Redesign cases