Nanheps Elementary School, Miaoli Country Studio Whispace

Nanheps Elementary School, Miaoli Country|Project Ω

Miaoli County | Landscape
Food and agricultural education is not just about the act of "eating", but more importantly, it aims to let people feel the value of the "life" of animals and plants behind it.

Agrifood Education Site for Co-Existence and Co-Learning with Natural Environment

Louis Khan said: "Schools began with a man under a tree, who did not know he was a teacher, discussing his realization with a few, who did not know they were students." If the original space of teaching and learning was a place that had a shade, under which people shared what their knowledge, then, what should the teaching space that offers teachers and students co-learning opportunity with nature look like?

Starting with this idea, this project hopes to create a place where teachers, students, community residents, and chickens can create synergy and learn together. The original coop was moved from an enclosed corner to the spacious center; using white metal fence in fluid line, an indented space was created under the waterelm that connected with the coop, tree, agrifood garden, and composting area, offering teachers and students a friendly and comfortable space to learn from nature and an interactive learning space. The Ω-shaped agrifood and ecological space enables observation of chicken behaviors and life in proximity; each and every chicken is given its own nametage, egg shalf is installed, and composting tools are separately stored, to create connections among lifes and enable teachers and students to learn from nature.

Design analysis

  1. The chicken coop was redesigned as an interactive site between teachers and students and chickens was created.

  2. The design of teaching space integrates "action - observation - recording" to soften the boundary between agrifood and life.

  3. Combine natural landscape on campus and add newly planted herbs to create an open and comfortable agrifood corner on campus.

Redesign cases