Zhu-Guang Junior High School, Hsinchu City Ürobolus Studiolab

Zhu-Guang Junior High School, Hsinchu City|Floating Caress - Museum between Layers

Hsinchu City | Hallway and Corridor
Aesthetic education is not about technical learning, but rather about expecting children to have a sense of life, and then to observe, appreciate, and create through the process.

Flowing through Virtuality and Reality, Caressing Creation - Open Creative Site that Breaks Boundaries

Using windbreak net to build a boundary for the hallway, offering an unconventional way of architectural wind resistance.Through the concept conveyed by the greenhouse net, the design transmits light and allows wind to penetrate; the view and light remain undisrupted, and the effect of wind is minized. Catalyzed by the windbreak net, wind is converted into flowing air that weaves through the hallway; light breeze caresses the windbreak net that acts as a boundary within the exhibition space, and echoes the interrelationship between the bright and dark rooms to convert the existing patttern, softening the boudnary and creating a site between virtuality and reality. 

Design analysis

  1. Redefine the color scheme of the space

  2. Use nets and meshes to soften the boundary within and beyond the parapet, achieving beautification and regulating airflow direction.

  3. Using two galleries, bright room and dark room, to showcase spatial qualities, softening user behavior and enhancing the diversity of the space.

  4. Create a site of experiment for brainstorming, creation, exhibition, and promotion.

Redesign cases