Guo-Hua Junior High School, Yilan County 3+2 Design Studio

Guo-Hua Junior High School, Yilan County |UNI-LAB

Yilan County | Special resource room
Guide children to think like scientists and cultivate their scientific literacy and logical reasoning abilities.

Turn Disadvantages of Space into Strengths, Creating a New-Look Guohua Science Lab

The science lab at Guohua Junior High School is a rectangular space. The old seating arrangement was unfriendly to the teaching model of group discussion, and the elongated classroom also disrupted students’ view of the lecture and teaching demonstration. The first mission of the design team was to reconfigure the space. In addition to providing every group a lab table for independent operations, the team also designated sufficient space in front of the teaching area, allowing students to gather at the front of the classroom for lecture and close observation of demonstration before they return to own stations for experiments, turning the disadvantages of the elongated space into strengths. 

Transform Image and Inject Energy

Using robust, light, and bright colors to set the tone for the space, allowing the light steel joist ceiling to display slick lines, which is paired with sufficient lighting to ensure class safety and create a robust ambience for in-class interaction and discussion, replacing the old icy image of the lab with a brand-new look for teachers and students to explore interesting experiments here with joy. 

Design analysis

  1. Traffic flow inside the room is adjusted for a safer lab.

  2. Use spaces between pillars for storage.

Redesign cases